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    Build Profiles and 3.9.4 · 396bb8ab
    Jake Buchholz Göktürk authored and Mike Crute's avatar Mike Crute committed
    * Build Profiles (completion of PR #49)
    + auto-updates version profile when new release detected
    + updates releases/<profile>.yaml after successful builds
    * Prune AMIs (in AWS and in releases/<profile>.yaml
    + 'revision' - keep latest revision per release
    + 'release' - keep latest release per version
    + 'version' - remove end-of-life versions
    * releases/README.md updater script
    * README overhaul
    + Pre-built AMIs --> releases/README.md
    + profiles/README.md for profile configuration details
    + main README.md overhauled to go over how to build and manage custom AMIs
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