Commit db98f6b8 authored by Ariadne Conill's avatar Ariadne Conill 🐰
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import ca-certificates 20170726 data

# One blacklist entry per line, corresponding to the label in certdata.txt.
# MD5 Collision Proof of Concept CA
"MD5 Collisions Forged Rogue CA 25c3"
# DigiNotar Root CA (see debbug#639744)
"DigiNotar Root CA"
# StartCom and WoSign certificates are now untrusted by the major browser
# vendors[0]. See [1] for discussion. The list was generated by:
# $ egrep 'WoSign|StartCom' mozilla/certdata.txt \
# | grep UTF | sed 's/CKA_LABEL UTF8 //' | uniq
# [0]
# [1]
"StartCom Certification Authority"
"StartCom Certification Authority G2"
"WoSign China"
"Certification Authority of WoSign G2"
"CA WoSign ECC Root"
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