Commit 69215d70 authored by Ariadne Conill's avatar Ariadne Conill 🐰
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update-ca: remove arbitrary symlink restrictions on local cert dir, entirely pointless

parent d71632c2
......@@ -253,28 +253,7 @@ static bool read_global_ca_list(const char* file, struct hash* d, int tmpfile_fd
return true;
typedef enum {
} filetype;
static bool is_filetype(const char* path, filetype file_check)
struct stat statbuf;
if (lstat(path, &statbuf) < 0)
return false;
switch(file_check) {
case FILE_LINK: return S_ISLNK(statbuf.st_mode);
case FILE_REGULAR: return S_ISREG(statbuf.st_mode);
default: break;
return false;
static bool dir_readfiles(struct hash* d, const char* path,
filetype allowed_file_type,
proc_path path_processor,
int tmpfile_fd)
......@@ -289,9 +268,7 @@ static bool dir_readfiles(struct hash* d, const char* path,
char* fullpath = 0;
if (asprintf(&fullpath, "%s%s", path, dirp->d_name) != -1) {
if (is_filetype(fullpath, allowed_file_type))
path_processor(fullpath, d, tmpfile_fd);
path_processor(fullpath, d, tmpfile_fd);
......@@ -334,10 +311,10 @@ int main(int a, char **v)
read_global_ca_list(CERTSCONF, calinks, fd);
/* Handle local CA certificates */
dir_readfiles(calinks, LOCALCERTSDIR, FILE_REGULAR, &proc_localglobaldir, fd);
dir_readfiles(calinks, LOCALCERTSDIR, &proc_localglobaldir, fd);
/* Update etc cert dir for additions and deletions*/
dir_readfiles(calinks, ETCCERTSDIR, FILE_LINK, &proc_etccertsdir, fd);
dir_readfiles(calinks, ETCCERTSDIR, &proc_etccertsdir, fd);
hash_foreach(calinks, update_ca_symlink);
/* Update hashes and the bundle */
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