community/matrix-appservice-irc: remove aport

Merged Jakub Jirutka requested to merge jirutka/aports:matrix-appservice-irc into master

This aport doesn't meet generally known quality requirements and should never have been accepted to the aports.

  1. The aport sources are not immutable, the build is not reproducible - installs dependencies from without at least enforcing the lock file ('npm ci' should be used).
  2. Includes even dev/build dependencies (node_modules) in the package.
  3. Includes multiple prebuilt binaries (node_modules/utf-8-validate/prebuilds).
  4. Includes intermediate build files (*.o in node_modules/detect-character-encoding/build/Release/
  5. Includes tons of redundant and unnecessary files, such as source files for transpiled JS files and compiled native code, type declaration files, readmes, build scripts, dot files and so on.
  6. The package license is incomplete, it doesn't consider node_modules.
  7. The aport was last updated ~1.5 years ago.
  8. 'npm audit' found 6 critical and 9 high vulnerabilities.

Points 2-5 are responsible for the enormous package size (it's full of bloat).

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