1. 28 Jun, 2022 4 commits
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      tests: do not run atf_check in a subshell · c51ebcb7
      Natanael Copa authored
      We can not pipe to atf_shell as it will make it run in a subshell and
      will not handle failures properly.
      Fixes commit ab67ab07 (setup-proxy: fix empty proxy)
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      gitignore: setup-user · 1eca06e1
      Natanael Copa authored
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      setup-proxy: fix empty proxy · ab67ab07
      alice authored
      the while loop loops until the value of proxyurl is none or a http*://
      scheme. however, when proxyurl is set to 'none', it then gets unset here
      (`proxyurl= ;`), but the following `if` block checks if it is 'none' and
      fails, so we configure an empty http_proxy= in the proxy.sh profile
      script. this is then read by some software, and it causes it to crash.
      for instance, flatpak via glib reads `http_proxy` from the environment,
      and an empty variable is illegal.
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